SkyHooks tarp hangers are the best thing for camping since fire!

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Just had to let you know that I just returned from camping in Ucluelet for ten days and the Skyhooks were great!! Half the trees in our campsite were huge gnarled rainforest type trees and we wouldn't have gotten the tarps up without them.
Jennifer – Kelowna, BC

Skyhooks are awesome. I use them to set my tarp up high enough so that I can park my truck and camper right under the tarp.
Glenn – Vernon, BC

My husband and I went camping to Bella Coola and camped in an old growth forest where the trees were so tall we could not reach the branches with the Skyhooks. But the video had shown that if we just walked the Skyhook with rope around the tree and hooked the Skyhook over the rope and then tied the end of the rope down it would hold just as well as with branches. Like it said on the video “No branches…. No problem”!
Jen – Vancouver, BC

These really are “the best thing for camping”. I do a lot of back country horse camping. Beats the heck out of climbing a tree to tie up a rope. I told all my friends, so far about 12 of them now have their own sets.
Gail – Vernon, BC

We used to use our kids shoes tied to our tarp rope to throw up into the trees to try to get the rope over the branches….. not as easy or quick as Skyhooks. Thanks for this super new idea!
Gwen – Penticton, BC

Sure wish we had Skyhooks last summer, could have stopped a huge argument between my wife and I about how and where to hang our tarp. Way faster too.
Gary – Kelowna, BC

When my buddies and I go camping we seem to be too busy to hang tarps (cause it’s never going to rain, right). So when the rain starts it’s always a mad scramble to get the tarp up and even harder because now there is a fire right in the middle of where the tarp is supposed to be. So an hour later and usually a hole burnt in our tarp it’s finally up. Not any more! I got Skyhooks and can now set up the tarp in under 5 minutes (with no holes in it!) Thanks.
John – Kamloops, BC

We use our Skyhooks to easily hang a rope for a secure dog run. The imagination is the only limit for this invention.
Alice – Vancouver, BC

I’m from Saskatchewan. When I was a kid my dad would send the new farm hands to the barn to find a “skyhook” so we could tie something up out in the field. Of course there was no such thing and we’d all have a good laugh. I bought my set of Skyhooks just because of the name but man am I glad I did. I’ve been camping for 40 plus years and have used just about everything invented for camping but these Skyhooks have got to be the easiest way to hang tarps ever! This is one of those Ideas that you look at and say “Why didn't I think of that”
Roland – Abbotsford, BC

I do a lot of deep woods camping and need to keep my food high enough so bears can’t get it. I tie a rope to 1 Skyhook and get a 10 foot stick from the forest to reach the Skyhook up and hang it from a branch about 16 feet up, tie my duffle bag in the middle of the rope, then put the other end of my rope through another Skyhook reach up to another tree 16 feet again with the other Skyhook and then pull on the loose end , tie to the base of the second tree. All my stuff is now high and secure against any animal.
Jared – Chilliwack, BC

As well as an amazingly simple way to hang tarps they make for an easy way to hang up a clothes line.
Barb – Quesnel, BC

Funny story, I used to tie a bottle to the loose end of our tarp rope and throw it into a tree to get the rope over the branch. One trip my wife was standing too close to the tree, the bottle bounced off the tree and hit her. Wasn't a good weekend! Now that I have Skyhooks we are all safe. Thanks for the easiest and safest way to hang tarps.. Saved my marriage (well, I like to think so, she still brings up the bottle incident). Great idea.
Todd – Vancouver, BC

When my best friend and I go camping we get to our site open our camp chairs, get a drink and watch the show as our husbands begin the time honoured tradition of raising the tarp. We get a huge laugh out of all the ways they think of to get the rope tied up in the trees. Now that I bought a set of Skyhooks from Canadian Tire we just all sit back and reminisce about the many shows from past camping trips. These thing sure save a lot of time and grief. “The best thing for camping since fire”, you bet!
Margo – Vancouver, BC

I go fishing every year with a bunch of buddies. Last year we used Skyhooks to hang our tarps. What a fantastic idea, so easy and fast. No more sending the skinny guy up a tree to tie up the tarp ropes. No rain, but had 2 inches of snow on the tarp and Skyhooks held the load. Beautiful idea!
Bill – Vernon, BC

Bought my set of Skyhooks last year – followed the simple instructions and the tarp was hung in record time. Another really neat thing about these things is if your tarp is in the wrong spot you just loosen all four corners and pull the tarp which ever way you want and retie. Way too easy!
Bob – Kelowna, BC

We tie our tarp to the back of our camper then use 2 Skyhooks on the other end of the tarp and tie into the trees, Now we have a huge dry area right outside our camper door. No fussing around, just hang and tie to the base of the trees.
Brenda – Vernon, BC

What a great idea… but I’m not going to buy any. I own a construction company and tell my new workers to go to the tool shack and get me a skyhook cause we have to hang something. Up to now there wasn't such a thing and it was always a good laugh on the new guy. If I buy these I will have to think of something else for a laugh. But I might buy a set for my camper anyway.
Jim – Vancouver, BC

We were camping the long weekend and a couple had the Skyhooks that you sell.  What an awesome idea! Would you e-mail me and let me know where we can get them.
Jane – Quesnel, BC


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